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We strongly believe:

  • Solid infrastructure can be implemented for any development team. However this requires people who know what to do and how to do it.
    Well-made, secure, highly-available and redundant infrastructure is a crucial part of any business, and can easily make or break a company.
  • Infrastructure is an integral part of the development process.
    We interact with your developers, ask questions, question solutions and help to choose proper technology for specific projects.
    We have been maintaining projects based on PHP, Python, Java and Go.
  • We are paid for finding solutions, not doing repeatable tasks.
    We automate all the things we can.

Who we are, who we're not:

  • DevOps crew, network or system administrators, infrastructure caretakers - call us as you wish.
    What we do is take responsibility for your infrastructure. And we love well made, properly defined and automated systems.
  • We are a young team with 5 years of diverse experience in many areas of infrastructure modelling and deployment.
    We learn from every project we participate in and teach your team what we've learnt ourselves.

What makes us different?

  • We are involved in the development process.
    No pointing fingers between teams - we work as part of the team and embrace their development workflow.
    This is essential to make reliable systems.
  • We open-source our work, as we're not ashamed of it.
    Good solutions need sharing, discussion and questioning in order to become perfect.
  • We are paid for finding solutions, not doing repeatable tasks.
    We automate all the things we can.

Where are we?

We can work fully remotely or arrange visits at your office from time to time.

How can we help you

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Cloud Migration

We can migrate your infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud Audits

We can help you audit your infrastructure, regarding security, architecture and flows.

Infrastructure Maintenance

We can provide you 24 hours support for your cloud-based infrastructure, including monitoring, logging and alerting.

Continous Integration / Delivery

We can help you to prepare, integrate and build the full continuous integration, continuous deployment pipeline for your infrastructure.


We will not tell you one or two technologies we use. We choose tools for the task, not tasks for tools.

If none of the tools we have used before is equivalent for the task and environment… we will use one that fits the best, even though it will require to acquire new knowledge.

We have ever used the following technologies at production:

  • Terraform
  • SaltStack
  • Ansible
  • Cloudformation
  • Kops


We work only on


We have deep, production experience in container-based infrastructures.

We have maintained the following technologies at production:

  • DCOS | Mesos
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker Swarm

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